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It’s Dustin Hoffman’s choice in the movie, The Graduate. Who would you want to fuck: Katherine Ross or Anne Bancroft? The answer is...

It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care

We’ve also been playing through all of Halo recently Realistic Dildo, and that has been less successful I think, because of the high...

Outcomes of cases are not included in this report

Sprague, Julia D. Sweeney, Destiny R. Taylor, Brandon Tirado, Matthew G. Some Americans still feel ashamed by their inability to conceive echoing the...

That Mom and I don like guns

The Dolphins front four, led by Cameron Wake, Ndamukong Suh and Jordan Phillips generated consistent pressure on Brady and plenty of blitzes were...

I think this all comes down to basic animal instinct

We smugly informed him that I already had my test and it was clean. The new look is hard to get used to....

As long as you not giving him shit over it you doing well

I recently played with a friend who hadn’t much explored power exchange dynamics. And I am the sort of slave identified submissive person...

Police are still investigating to see what led to the shooting

Six Gulf Coast High School athletes signed letters of intent to play their sports at Division I colleges on Monday, Nov. 13, 2017....

7 days later I had blood on my underwear

If you don know what feels comfortable, start with softer material in smaller sizes. You can work up from there. Also, try one...

Her messages have a way of finding the good in everything and

Taxes:The “grain glitch,” a provision in the new GOP tax law that favored farmer owned cooperatives over traditional agriculture corporations by providing a...
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