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In Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan the New York Penal Law requires that to sustain a conviction to the charge of Burglary, the prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was a breaking and remaining unlawfully with the intent to commit a crime. 

In New York, Burglary charges have degrees ranging from first to third degree. First degree Burglary is a class B felony where the minimum period of incarceration can be five years and Burglary in the third degree, a class D felony, may involve a sentence of incarceration of a period of at least two years.

At the Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov we have defended numerous clients who have been charged with burglary related charges and know that these cases are complex and often involve long term investigations by the police and prosecutors.   

Alleged burglars are rarely apprehended in the act of committing the crime and many times police rely on blurry video surveillance, racial profiling, lying informants, unduly suggestive lineups and show-ups, and partial fingerprints as evidence to eventually make their arrests, many months after the actual burglary allegedly transpired.

Here in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, the NYPD has been exposed for targeting minority communities as they first find their targets and only then build the evidence to support the arrest.

At the Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov, we understand that racial profiling can be a major part of any and all criminal investigations by the NYPD.  If you have been contacted by the Police who are telling you that they would just like to speak with you about a burglary in the neighborhood, you need to contact our office immediately.   

Police Officers are not obligated to tell you the truth about an ongoing investigation where you are a suspect in a crime. Be alert and know your rights. Contact the Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov now to speak to our attorneys. Call  (718) 849 7272.

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