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In Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, a Robbery charge is defined as forcible stealing of property by using or threatening to use force.  Robbery charges vary in degrees, from first degree which is classified as a class B felony, second degree which is a class C felony and third degree which is a class D felony.

At the Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov we have defended many clients who have been accused of committing serious robberies. Although, we typically think of bank robberies as an example, in recent times, prosecutors and the NYPD have started charging defendants who steal even cell phones or other minor personal properties with a robbery charge so long as there exists the threat of force, weapons, or co defendants.

Interesting to point out that the subject of the robbery has very little significance in the prosecution of these cases. In other words, whether the subject of the robbery is a Rolex watch, or a cell phone, a robbery charge is still a very serious crime that may involve incarceration.

Many of these cases are complex in nature and often involve co-defendants, weapons,  statements from co defendants, police custodial interrogations, lineups, show-ups, search warrants, suppression hearings, and trials.

There are many ways to defend charges to a robbery.  The Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov understands that  these cases involve challenging the validity of line-ups, show ups and the so called admissions to the crime that are conducted under interrogating circumstances by the NYPD. 

We understand that the prosecutors incentivize co defendant to testify against other defendants.  That is why we value immediate investigations by our own experts and investigators who gather independent witnesses accounts in search for evidence that helps to exonerate you.

Most importantly, the attorneys at the Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov will seek to challenge and suppress all evidence recovered without probable cause from your cars, homes, personal cell phones and computers.

When a robbery does occur, we understand that the police might decide to round up the “usual suspects,” especially in minority communities in order for  the Police to show that their diligent work resulted in an arrest.

At the Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov we will aggressively defend you in every stage of this challenging process. We are prepared to defend our clients by challenging the People’s case from beginning to end. We don’t rest until we reach a resolution to your satisfaction.

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