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In Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Prostitution is paying someone money in exchange for sex.

Prostitution considered by many as the oldest profession in the world and is still illegal in New York under Section 230 of the Penal Code. Although prostitution is a (B) misdemeanor, it may still give someone a criminal record, and may cause serious problems for green card holder trying to become citizens, non immigrants entering the United States and even non immigrants trying to obtain a green card or establish legal permanent residency.   

Patronizing a prostitute is a class A misdemeanor and is defined as; pursuant to a prior understand, he pays a fee to another person as compensation for such person or a third person having engaged in sexual conduct with him. 

Promoting Prostitution

Promoting Prostitution in New York City are a category of sex crimes that ranges in various different degrees from an (A) misdemeanor, to  Promoting Prostitution in Third Degree, which is a (D) Felony, to Sex Trafficking (B Felony), are among the most common charges in New York City.

Promoting Prostitution in Third Degree, (Class D Felony)

Most of these charges involve defendants managing, supervising, controlling or owning a prostitution business or enterprise which involves at least two prostitutes. 

Sex Trafficking (Class B Felony)

Commonly occurs when  a person profits from prostitution by employing prostitutes and taking away their passports, inducing the prostitutes to work by providing them with drugs like marijuana or cocaine, using physical force to engage prostitutes and by instilling fear of physical injury or death if they refuse to be patronized.

In most of the prostitution related charges, the law treats minors as a protected class and generally permits the escalation of minor charges to more serious charges if the case involves minors.

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