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Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crimes

Have you Been Arrested for a Cyber Crime in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan? Is your case pending in Federal Court in the Eastern District of New York or the Southern District of New York?

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The Law office of Boris R. Nektalov understand that various types of crimes may occur over the internet and has experience handing cases with various degrees of identity theft, credit card fraud, access device fraud, hacking, tax return fraud  spamming & phishing.

We understand that schemes surrounding the credit cards can vary. We also know that the defendant’s involvements in some of these complex crimes can be very limited.

Whether the crime involves hackers in Ukraine who are involved in hacking into banks and financial institutions, or hackers that create bogus porn cites in order to gain access to millions of credit card or debit card information, or defendants charged with stealing identities in order to create tax returns fraud, and even the defendant who is caught red handed in a bank using a stolen or manufactured debit card, this office handles it all. 

The Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov has experience representing clients who have been arrested for making and using fraudulent credit and debit cards. We understand that the hacking in many of these cases was committed by individual outside of the USA.  This office has experience representing clients who are living outside the United States and have been extradited from Europe or parts of Asia on identity fraud, access device fraud, wire fraud and many other charges.

If you or your family members have been arrested by the FBI or the NYPD in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, call us immediately.

These crimes are very serious and may involve significant penalties in federal and state courts in New York City. Call the Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov Immediately (718) 849 72-72.

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