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    review rating 5  The Law Office of Lombardino & Nektalov is a professional law firm that stands behind there clients. I worked with Tony and Boris and the helped me to the fullest. When you need a good law firm hire them. You will be in good hands. Thanks, DD

    thumb Deacon Dean Dobbins

    review rating 5  Had the pleasure of working with the firm on 2 separate occasions. Borris was excellent and always ready to do what was needed to get the job done. He explained what to expect in court and also what needed to be done before hand. His assistance was very helpful and knowledgeable thru the entire process of the case. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for legal representation.

    thumb Sunny Hussain

    review rating 5  Boris' great communication skills, professional conduct and honesty is something to be truly valued as an attorney. He kept me calm and reassuring during difficult times. Would recommend him for sure! Thanks for all your help!!!

    thumb Avi Natanov

    review rating 5  Anthony Lombardino and Boris Nektalov are by far the best attorneys in Queens, New York. They represented me in federal court in the southern district of New York. I was charged with wire fraud and they have been with my family throughout the case from beginning to end. They have become not just our advocates but my real family. Boris truly cares about your case and will spend endless amount of time getting you the best results possible. You will be impressed with how knowledgeable Mr. Lombardino is in federal practice. There were many co defendants in my case and I was glad that they were able to secure the best outcome for me out of everyone involved. God bless them both. Will always recommend them to anyone I know. They are worth every penny.

    thumb Betty Kimyagarova

    review rating 5  Boris Nektalov is the best criminal defense attorney in Queens. I had a very high profile case where the District Attorney wanted me to do a year in Jail. I switched from Legal Aid to this law office and I didn't have to do a day in jail. I highly recommend them to everyone.

    thumb Steven Larosa

    review rating 5  The best lawyers I have ever encountered. Boris Nektalov is knowledgeable and very compassionate about his job and his clients. Definitely recommend people to go with this lawyer.

    thumb steve mosh

    review rating 5  As a lawyer myself, I have referred dozens of cases to Boris over the past 7 years and he has never let my clients down. He expertly handled such complex criminal matters for my clients as white-collar crime, fraud, grand larceny, money laundering, Medicaid fraud, domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon. Boris treats each client like family and fights tooth and nail to achieve the best possible outcome. He is not only an aggressive litigator, but also a good-hearted person and a loyal friend. Boris enjoys getting to know his clients well. He generously spends time on his clients to listen to them and learn every little detail of their case. I know of no other criminal lawyers who are as patient and attentive as Boris. This important approach to criminal representation allows Boris to present his client's story in the best light to the jury. Boris is also a captivating speaker - you can expect the judge and jury to be on the edge of their seats during his entire courtroom performance. If you're looking for the best criminal lawyer in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or any other borough of New York City, look no further! You're in great hands with Boris Nektalov.

    thumb Andrey Plaksin

    review rating 5  Boris was very helpful, spend along tome on phone with me explaining all the possibilities and the process before I even hired him. At the end he won the case for me, dismissed all charges against me. It was great. Highly recommend Boris and his team. He is the best criminal attorney in Queens!! Thank you and God bless you!!!

    thumb Mark Kandinov

    review rating 5  I had great experience with this law firm, they are very responsive and informative. Made me feel very safe and had great outcome with my case. Highly recommended.

    thumb Nektalov Family Chiropractic & PT NFC

    review rating 5  I have decided to work with Boris after reading his amazing reviews online and hearing from a friend. I didn’t have much time to shop around for a lawyer but I am very glad to have gone with my gut instinct and to have worked with him. He is definitely what I thought he would be: truly caring, understanding, empathetic, smart and professional from beginning to end. He will work hard for your case and will get you the best disposition possible in a timely manner. Both him and his staff were willing to go the extra mile and always replied to all my emails and texts as well whenever I had questions for them. Will def work with him again in the future if needed! Highly recommended without a question!

    thumb bliss care

    review rating 5  About 2 years ago I came across Boris Nektalov from the law office of Lambardino. Boris made me feel comfortable discussing my case over the phone and in person. He is very professional. He is very intelligent. Letting Boris handle my case was the best decision as he beat my case. Highly recommended that anyone to contact him.

    thumb Dmitriy Bangiyev

    review rating 5  Great sharp attorneys, always fight on your behalf highly recommend.

    thumb ja cob
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