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In Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Rape is a felony charge that involves sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion or sexual intercourse with another person who cannot give and is incapable of giving consent. 

In New York, the charge of Rape vary from first, second or third degree with first degree being the most serious charge  and third being the least severe charge.

In today’s social and political environment with the #metoo movement, rape is considered by many to be one of the worst allegations one can face.  In today’s modern world, an accusation of Rape or any sexual misconduct is a conviction in the eyes of public opinion even before you step inside the courthouse.

At the Law Office of Boris R. Nektalov we know that being accused of Rape or sexual misconduct is very sensitive and uncomfortable. We also know that the stigma associated with the charges is heavy and burdensome.  Sexual relationships are intimate and difficult to discuss, even for the accused.  The truth is that consent to a sexual encounter between two adults is sometimes very subjective.

Rape and other sexual offenses can be defended.  False accusations of rape happen all the time.  Sometimes the accusations are motivated by complex cultural norms in communities where premarital relationships are a taboo and the lack of chastity can only be explained by rape. In those cases, complaining victim may be motivated by family to press charged in order to defendant the families honor despite the fact that the sexual relationship was consensual for many years.

Other times, rape charges are motivated by extortion schemes from mistresses who then demand large sums of money.  Sometimes, charges of sexual misconduct can be motivated by individuals who are attempting to secure legal permanent residency or commonly known as a Green Card.

At this office, we know that no two cases are alike. Our investigations and careful analysis of discovery materials may reveal discrepancies and contradictions in the complainant’s account that are favorable to the defendant.

No matter the scenario surrounding the charges, we understand that every case has more than one perspective. 

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