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Computer & Internet Crimes

The rate of internet crimes has been increasing with the ever increased usage of internet and electronic machines. There are times that a computer crime is committed by you and for this reason, you are being charged for computer crime.

Sometimes, you have not committed anything wrong but you are entangled in a case for any of your computer activity. In such a situation, you always have to hire a defense lawyer for the protection and advocacy of your rights & interests.

A charge of any kind of crime is always embarrassing for everyone. It can become the reason for lowering your status in society. Whenever you do something wrong or that is against the laws then you are charged and punished according to the laws.

In such situations, you must hire a professional computer crime defense lawyer so that the one can help you in protecting your interests and rights in the face of government prosecution.

Our criminal defense legal professionals recognize the complex criminal issues concerned in pc crime cases. We have the enjoyment and the technological know-how to mount a compelling defense.

If you want a skilled criminal law attorney to help you combat computer crime charges, please call our Firm today for an unfastened consultation.


As a professional person can accomplish so much with a laptop or smartphone, their capacity to do actual damage is significant. These are white-collar crimes that prosecutors take very seriously.

Obviously, there are a wide variety of computer crimes, and also you should talk to our skilled criminal law lawyers to determine if our firm is the correct in shape for your particular legal needs.


Internet crimes commonly fall into two categories – white collar and criminal sexual conduct – both of which are taken into consideration criminal offenses that include the severest of consequences. These crimes include:

  • Possession or distribution of baby pornography
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Identity theft
  • Hacking
  • Unlawful Internet business
  • Computer virus
  • Computer fraud
  • Phishing
  • Credit card fraud and theft

Do you want a lawyer if you’re innocent?

Being charged with any crime (important or minor) is a totally severe matter. Anyone facing crook charges dangers excessive penalties such as jail time, a crook record, and ability life-changing after-outcomes like loss or damage to future activity opportunities, housing options, or even relationships.

There are numerous protection strategies you could take when fighting a cybercrime allegation. But due to the fact the Internet and the area of cybercrime are still in their infancy, there are still only a few precedents organizing the regulation in this field, making it all the more vital to have an experienced lawyer for your side – even, and especially, if you’re innocent.


There are a lot of penalties for computer crimes, some of them have been given below:

  • Computer trespass/First-degree unlawful duplication
  • First-degree computer tampering
  • Fourth-degree computer tampering

The punishments for all these different crimes are always different, depending on the nature of the crime. Our professional lawyers firm is here to advocate for you.

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