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Pre-Arrest FAQ

Federal Crimes

Whenever anyone is charged for committing a federal crime then you are surely entitled to the preliminary or detention hearing. You must hire a lawyer before the case so that one can help you in getting out of this. It will decide the rest of the case.

The lawyer will meet the specific attorney. There are two types of hearings, one is to investigate whether there is the proof for going forward into the case and the second is to whether or not to give the bond to the charged person.

Important things to know!

You must know about certain things about the charge for a federal crime like you must have a lawyer to provide that you should be kept out of the jail by providing such pieces of evidence and witnesses who can support you.

There are a lot of benefits by hiring a professional and serious lawyer as the one will not only advocate you for protecting your rights and interests in front of the government prosecution but also provide you with the insights for why you have been charged and investigated.

No one can do all the procedures taken by the attorney officer without the help of a lawyer. The lawyer can deal with them in a better way than you. Our professional team of lawyers can help you out in all the matters related to the charge of federal crime. You just do not need to worry anymore.

Process of Federal Criminal:

There is a complete process of federal criminal charge and your lawyer will follow it to advocate you in order to protect your rights and interests. The steps of the federal criminal process are as follows:

  1. Investigation
  2. Charging
  3. Arraignment
  4. Discovery
  5. Plea bargaining
  6. Preliminary hearing
  7. Pre-trial
  8. Trial
  9. Post-trial
  10. Sentencing
  11. Appeal

Federal and State Crime:

The difference between these two criminal charges is of the jurisdiction. If you have harmed a local park then you will be charged with state crime as it is the property of state while if you are the reason for harm to the national park then you will be charged with a federal crime as it is federal’s property.

The difference between their punishments is also the same as on the state and federal level. You must have to hire a lawyer in order to deal with the attorneys of your state or federal government. The prosecution will be responsible to handle all the matters regarding your charge.

Types of Federal Crimes:

There are different kinds of federal crimes mentioned as follows:

  1. Cybercrimes
  2. Gun crimes
  3. Crimes against children
  4. Import and export crimes
  5. Federal civil rights violation crimes
  6. Counterintelligence crimes
  7. Tax crimes
  8. White-collar crimes
  9. Computer crimes
  10. Organized crimes

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